Yumm! from the Start

After the very first bite in 1993, Yumm! Sauce® gained a fanatical following across the Northwest. Word of its unique flavor experience spread, and folks came to our little cafe asking for the secret sauce on everything from rice bowls and soups to salads and wraps.

This tasty phenomenon grew into a retail line of packaged sauces and Café Yumm!® restaurants franchised across OR, WA, and ID.

The fact is, I didn’t believe this sort of “health foodie” sauce would go over well with the majority of those who sampled it. I combined so many ingredients I liked, in such a complicated way, that I felt the sauce would remain just that—a family favorite.

I had no dream or expectation that this sauce would lead into a new life, café, and restaurant franchise. I never imagined that the taste of this sauce would not only be well-received but actually become addictive (in the words of my customers).”  

– Mary Ann Beauchamp, Co-Founder of Café Yumm! & creator of Yumm! Sauce

Café Yumm! Restaurants

Café Yumm!® restaurants are famous throughout the Pacific Northwest for delightful food prepared fresh and served FAST with sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. In 1997, the first location opened in Eugene, Oregon and a regional obsession began that would soon spread across the globe.

The menu features a variety of signature Yumm! Bowls® made with organic beans, rice, Deluxe Toppings, and our crave-worthy Yumm! Sauce®. The cozy, casual restaurants also serve grilled wraps, unique salads, glazed skewers, soups, award-winning cookies, a kids menu, and catering.

The crowd-pleasing menu is beloved by vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike with plenty of gluten-free, paleo, and keto options. Bring the whole family! Visit us in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

Yumm! Products

Café Yumm!® creates craveable sauces, salsas, dressings, and more. For years, fans have begged us to make them available nationwide. Now your Yumm! dreams are coming true.

Fans love our unique Jalapeno Sesame Salsa and the umami flavor of our delightfully tangy and savory Yumm! Sauce made with nourishing ingredients like almonds, garbanzos, garlic, and lemon juice.

Find Yumm! Sauce at all Café Yumm! restaurants, in select grocery stores across the Northwest, or have it delivered to your door when you order online.

Our Yumm! Values

Integrity – Enthusiasm – Gratitude – Respect

Leading with a mission to “Nourish humanity and the world,” Café Yumm! has received numerous awards for eco-friendly values and operates with a social, environmental, and economic Triple Bottom Line philosophy.

Ingredient quality and environmental impact are key factors in sourcing decisions. Café Yumm! uses local, organic, and non-GMO products whenever possible. The restaurant partners with local farms, producers, and distributers in the Northwest to procure the most vibrant ingredients grown in the region.

Over 50% of the menu is certified organic, including beans, rice, salad greens, salsa, tofu, tempeh, and yogurt. We also serve certified organic, fair trade teas and a propriety blend of locally roasted organic coffee.