Kitchen Time-Saver: Using Premade Sauces as Marinades


Looking for a flavor-boosting shortcut in the kitchen? One super easy cooking hack is to use store-bought sauces like Yumm! Sauce® as marinades. Not only do premade sauces, salsas, and dressings add a punch of deliciousness to your dishes, they also double as convenient time-savers in the kitchen.

Why Choose Premade Sauces?

Not sure which herbs and spices to use? Ready-made sauces can instantly transform a simple dish into an elevated experience by infusing almost any protein or vegetable with flavor in no time.

If you struggle with meals turning out bland and boring, the balanced combination of salt, acid, fat, spice, sweet, and savory ingredients found in store-bought sauces can help take out the guesswork! Making your own marinades requires purchasing multiple ingredients, seasonings, and using precise measurements to prepare. So, using premade sauces instead is a great grab-and-go solution for busy nights.

One of our favorites to start with is Chipotle Yumm! Sauce®. It’s tangy and smoky with a touch of heat made with plant-based ingredients like almonds, garbanzo beans, lemon juice, chipotle peppers, and garlic — making it deliciously versatile as a dip, dressing, and of course, marinade. Whether you’re grilling chicken, marinating tofu, or roasting mushrooms, Chipotle Yumm! Sauce adds big flavor with a mouthwatering kick. We also love the Roasted Garlic Yumm! Sauce® as a marinade for oven-roasted zucchini, baked salmon, or grilled shrimp.

Best Marinating Techniques Using Premade Sauces

Even if you have very little cooking experience or feel intimidated in the kitchen, using premade sauces to marinate is a quick and easy process that will have you creating unforgettable meals every night of the week.

  • Start by lightly salting your protein (chicken, salmon, tofu, tempeh, etc.) or chopped vegetables for 30 minutes to draw out extra moisture and allow them to marinate more easily.
  • Next, place your protein or vegetables in a plastic bag and coat generously with the desired sauce, ensuring every nook and cranny is infused with flavor.
  • After this, place the bag in your refrigerator and allow to marinate for the recommended amount of time. While certain proteins and vegetables require longer marinating times than others, it can sometimes come down to personal taste preference and desired intensity. Typically, the longer the marinating, the stronger the flavor. See our helpful guide for more information.
  • Once your ingredients are done marinating, you can cook as usual by grilling, baking, or sautéing.

Time-Saving Tips and Tricks

In addition to the instant flavor boost and easy marinating process, using premade sauces as marinades also comes with time-saving tips and tricks.

  • Marinating in advance allows you to prep your meals in batches, saving you time on busy weekdays. Learn more about meal prepping here!
  • You can also combine sauces for a new flavor experience that’s easy to create. Try mixing Yumm! Sauce® and Jal-Ses Yumm! Salsa® together for a spicy, savory delight.
  • The robust flavor profile of our premade sauces means you can also use them as simmering sauces or a finishing drizzle, eliminating the need for multiple steps and additional ingredients.

Health Conscious and Flavorful

One important consideration when buying premade sauces is the quality. Some sauces on store shelves contain lots of sugar or highly processed ingredients. We are happy to offer wholesome, plant-based, and all-natural sauces, dressings, and salsa made without preservatives.

All of our sauces from Café Yumm!® are vegan, gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, corn-free, and cholesterol-free. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of convenience without sacrificing nutritional value. By incorporating our premade sauces into your cooking routine, you can strike a balance between efficiency and healthfulness, proving that fast and flavorful meals can also be nourishing and nutritious.

Our Sauces Deliver Flavor and Convenience

If you’re looking to find marinating shortcuts that enhance efficiency without compromising taste, premade sauces are a true win. Next time you find yourself pressed for time, let the magic of premade sauces from Café Yumm! transform your kitchen experience.

If you’re ready to start using our fan-favorite Yumm! Sauce, we are stocked in 100s of grocery stores across the Pacific Northwest, and we offer nationwide shipping. Start by shopping our online store today or purchase our products from select grocery stores.