25 Ways to Use Leftover Black Beans


We love black beans as a versatile and budget-friendly kitchen staple. Super easy to cook, one pot of black beans can be used to make a variety of dishes for the week ahead or they can be easily incorporated into other planned recipes. These nourishing pearls of flavor, fiber, and protein are as nutritious as they are delicious. Plus, they taste amazing with a simple drizzle of Yumm! Sauce®, and beans help us eat lower on the food chain by bringing more plant-based options into our diet. Eating more beans is good for the planet and good for our overall health!

Why Use Cafe Yumm!® Organic Black Turtle Beans?

If you have enjoyed a Yumm! Bowl at Café Yumm!, you know how wonderful black beans can be. Did you know that we contract family farms in the Pacific Northwest to grow our black turtle beans using organic growing methods? That’s a big part of what makes them so good! Earth-supportive techniques, such as using beneficial insects instead of industrial pesticides and rotating crops to build up soil nutrients, are agricultural systems that promote clean water and biodiversity, making our beans a sustainable choice.

How to Incorporate Black Beans into Recipes

A time-saving kitchen hack is to make a large pot of black beans over the weekend and use them to make different meals throughout the week, or create a dish to freeze for later. If you have a bottle of Yumm! Sauce around, these meals will be unstoppable!

Here’s a list of some of our favorite ways to use leftover black beans:

  1. DIY Yumm! Bowls
  2. Black Bean Chili
  3. Loaded Nachos
  4. Spicy Black Bean Cakes
  5. Black Bean Veggie Burgers
  6. Chili Stuffed Avocados
  7. Stuffed Peppers
  8. 7-Layer Dip
  9. Enchiladas
  10. Quesadillas
  11. Burritos
  12. Cheesy Beans and Rice Skillet
  13. Black Bean Soup
  14. Tortilla Cheese Soup
  15. Black Bean Salsa
  16. Breakfast Tacos
  17. Taco Frittata
  18. Loaded Baked Potato
  19. Southwest Pasta Salad
  20. Cowboy Caviar
  21. Vegan Black Bean Meatballs
  22. Tex-Mex Chicken Salad
  23. Black Bean Hummus
  24. Cuban Black Beans and Yellow Rice
  25. Black Bean Brownies

Make Satisfying Meals Quick and Easy Using Only the Best Ingredients from Café Yumm!

At Café Yumm!, we use our uniquely Northwest flavors to create organic and sustainable plant-based products sourced from the best growers in the country. From our fan-favorite Yumm! Sauce and Jal-Ses® Salsa, to our locally sourced black turtle beans, you can add more Yumm! to every bite. Enjoy eating well with any of our beans, rice, sauces, or salsas!